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Wolfeboro woman guilty of 10 animal cruelty charges in Great Dane case

December 12. 2017 3:04PM
John Moyer, corporate outreach manager for the Humane Society of the United States' Stop Puppy Mills campaign carries one of the approximately 70 Great Danes rescued from a suspected puppy mill on Friday, June 16, in Wolfeboro. The Wolfeboro Police Dept. called in The HSUS to assist with rescue and long-term care of the dogs. (Meredith Lee/The HSUS)

Christina “Tina” Patterson Fay of Wolfeboro, seen in this mug shot taken by Carroll County Department of Corrections, was arrested on two counts of cruelty to animals on June 16.

OSSIPEE — A judge has found Christina Fay guilty of 10 charges of animal cruelty.

Circuit Court Judge Charles J. Greenhalgh issued his verdict in a 20-page order that spells out the testimony and evidence during a six-day trial in his Ossipee courtroom.

“The defendant was clearly aware of the conditions in her home and had sufficient knowledge that they were not humane and did not meet the standards of care for these dogs,” reads Greenhalgh’s order, which was dated Monday.

In a written statement, the defense team said they are disappointed in the verdict, the Court’s analysis of the facts and law used to reach it. They said they will detail these objections in their appeal.

"Mrs. Fay’s primary concern at present is the welfare of the dogs, who remain her property and have been held for six months post seizure as of this coming Saturday. Mrs. Fay looks forward to the next step in the process," the statement said.

Over six days, Judge Greenhalgh heard from veterinarians, persons who worked for Fay and Fay herself about the conditions in her gated Wolfeboro mansion, where she raised Great Danes by the dozen. The court charges deal with the treatment of the treatment of 75 Great Danes that were seized during a June 16 police raid on her home.

“I love and adore them and it brings me great joy,” Fay testified. She began importing them in 2011 and started breeding them. “They are basically a black lab in disguise. There temperament is very sweet,” she testified.

She claimed they always had food, water and love.

But police and former workers described deplorable conditions in the home. Floors were littered with feces and urine, maggots slithered in trash containers. Stench was overpowering. And the dogs suffered from warts, papilloma virus, Giardia, conjunctivitis, open sores and wounds.

The judge did write that Fay “appears to have been devoted to caring for her dogs and was willing to commit any amount of money to insure their health, until at least May 2017.”

He ordered a sentencing hearing be scheduled within 30 days.

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