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The atheist flag

December 14. 2017 12:55AM

To the Editor: The Ten Commandments are not just a symbol of a Judeo-Christianity, but also a list of moral and ethical values shared with other great religions. Islam has similar ethical standards, with a heavy emphasis on responsibility to the larger community. The Buddhist Precepts list ethics very similar to the Ten Commandments, couched in different terminology but saying the same thing. Buddhism has no belief in an external god, which should please the carpetbaggers from Wisconsin.

The Ten Commandments are a part of Western culture that apparently is under attack today. We have no scarcity of critics, but they provide no alternative. I really don’t have a problem with a person believing or not believing in God. It’s no affront to me personally. When people take the trouble to make a flag and travel halfway across the country to express their annoyance with the moral code of people who have religious beliefs of which they disapprove, it seems more an expression of anger and arrogance.

Maybe they just think we’re a bunch of dopes who know nothing about civics and our constitution and have taken the solemn responsibility to enlighten us. Are there no issues in Wisconsin that need their attention, or is the enlightenment of Somersworth a greater calling.

I find an interesting parallel between religious zealots and those who will save us from religious zealots. Religion is the opium of the people, wrote Karl Marx, and look at what Lenin and Communism wrought.



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