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A gift for taxpayers: Spike the toll hike, Gov. Sununu

December 17. 2017 1:19AM

Drivers pass through the northbound tolls in Hooksett on Monday, Dec. 4, 2017. (DAVID LANE/UNION LEADER)

As expected, the politicians and road construction firms pushing their holiday surprise toll hike have offered no good reason for it.

In Manchester, state Sen. Lou D'Allesandro, who has never met a tax he didn't like to hike, told the people what he thinks they think:

"When people think of New Hampshire they think of quality roads,'' said Lou.

Well, OK. But people, including some at the hearing, also think of New Hampshire as the low-tax state that lives within its means.

"This is a tax increase, plain and simple, said Mark Dangle of Merrimack. "Call it what it is. I am opposed to this.''

Added state Rep. Doug Thomas of Londonderry, "I think low income people will be hurt by having a toll increase. I think it sends the wrong message just as we get the economy going.''

But three of the five executive councilors want this 50 percent toll hike. They tried to jam it through during Thanksgiving week, only the public and businesses got wind of it. So now, having had a couple of hearings just before Christmas, they intend to rubber-stamp their work again.

We hope Gov. Chris Sununu will spike this money-grab. It would make a lovely Christmas present for the taxpayers if you did so now, Governor.

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