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Manchester tax-deeded properties to be auctioned

New Hampshire Union Leader

January 01. 2018 9:07PM

MANCHESTER — City officials are scheduled to sell off 11 tax-deeded properties next month through public auction.

The auction is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 20, at 10 a.m. in the aldermanic chambers at City Hall, with a snow date of Jan. 27. The 11 properties have a total assessed value of $1,236,400, according to information provided by James R. St. Jean Auctioneers, who will oversee the auction.

Tax Collector Brenda Masewic Adams told members of the Aldermanic Committee on Lands and Buildings this week all prior owners and mortgagees of the 11 properties have been notified of their rights to repurchase prior to disposal at the auction. Aldermen voted in September to direct 10 percent of all sales of tax-deeded properties be put into a special account, to be used for securing and maintaining these properties — such as costs associated with boarding them up and mowing — prior to auction.

The 11 properties scheduled to be auctioned off Jan. 20 are:

• 71 Maurice St., assessed at $195,100

• 24 Hiler St., assessed at $212,500

• 459 Granite St., assessed at $217,500

• 327 Silver St., assessed at $131,300

• 80 English Village Rd., Unit 101, assessed at $47,100

• 266 Lowell St., assessed at $188,200

• Lowell Street, Tax Map 410, Lot 23A, assessed at $9,100

• 77 Oakland Ave., assessed at $81,100

• 504 Candia Rd., assessed at $78,200

• 333 Central St., assessed at $69,500

• Groveland Avenue, Tax Map 493, Lot 12B, assessed at $6,800

Real estate bills start accruing 12 percent interest on the unpaid balance the day after the due date. The city Tax Collector’s Office mails out a delinquent notice to the taxpayer between the first and the second billing as a courtesy notice to the taxpayer.

Within 90 days of the due date of the final tax bill, the tax collector sends a notice including all unpaid taxes to the homeowner, known as a Notice of Arrearage.

After the due date on the Notice of Arrearage, the Tax Collector’s office begins the lien process.

At least 30 days prior to the execution of the lien, a Notice of Impending Lien is sent to the last known owner of the property via certified mail, return receipt requested. This notice includes principal, interest and costs up to the date of the lien.

If the taxes remain unpaid after the date and time given for final payment on the Notice of Impending Lien, the Tax Collector’s office places a lien on the property. All principal, interest and costs are combined to form the principal amount of the lien and the cost of the execution of the lien is added to the total amount due.

Two years after the execution of a tax lien, if taxes remain unpaid, the Tax Collector deeds the property to the city.

On Monday, members of the Aldermanic Committee on Lands and Buildings voted Attorney Peter Chiesa of the city solicitor’s office to act as the city’s agent to execute all Purchase and Sale Agreements at the auction.

All closings will have a deadline of noon on March 1, 2018.

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