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Goffstown finds extra $92k to repair dam on Uncanoonuc Lake

Union Leader Correspondent

January 01. 2018 9:07PM
The dam is located at Uncanoonuc Lake. (Melissa Proulx/Correspondent)

GOFFSTOWN — Restoration of the dam at Uncanoonuc Lake is back on track now that concerns about how to pay for it have been worked out.


Public Works Director Meghan Therriault said money left over from other projects or work that won’t be done this year will be used to repair the dam.

“That’s what’s going to keep me in the positive,” she said.

A request for proposals for the dam repairs was put out last month and the town received five responses.

The town selected Busby Construction Co., Inc. of Atkinson, which agreed to do the work for $267,000.

But the firm that priced out the project initially underestimated costs, leaving the town with a shortfall of about $92,000.

Therriault said they were not aware of the shortfall until a different engineering firm looked into costs and found the error.

Further complicating matters, at town meeting earlier this year residents only approved spending $230,000 on the dam project.

Rather than going back to voters with a request for more money, officials looked elsewhere in the budget to see what could be used to cover the added cost.

For example, there’s about $52,000 left over from various capital improvement projects that will be returned to the general fund at the end of the fiscal year if not allocated elsewhere.

Having money left over from capital improvements is common, said Town Administrator Adam Jacobs. For example, a trade-in value for a vehicle turns out to be higher than anticipated or a new vehicle costs less than expected.

Uncanoonuc Lake Dam failed a state inspection five years ago prompting the town to take action.

Repairs include installing a new principal spillway, the embankment will be built up from where it now stands, and a new cofferdam to better control water flow will be installed.

Work is expected to begin next June and be completed by the end of September.

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