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Heating coils burst, causing closure of Lebanon High School

Union Leader Correspondent

January 02. 2018 9:31PM

LEBANON — Lebanon High School was closed Tuesday after heating coils that are part of a hot water heat system in the Science Wing of the high school burst.

“We need to get the heat restored,” said Tim Ball, the school district’s business administrator. “These heating coils are pipes and they are in the ceiling so the water rained down on the floors.”

Ball said Tuesday that the cleanup and repair was ongoing during the day and classes are expected to resume today, “We still have some issues in that one wing, but we think we can hold class even if we don’t have that one wing,” Ball said. “Now it’s just a matter of getting the heat restored. … The gym is perfectly warm. If we could hold classes in the gym we would be happy.”

Ball said the pipes bursting could have been caused by the extreme temperatures this week, but said it appears the heating system failed, causing the pipes to freeze then burst.

“When the heating control failed it froze up before anyone could get the control fixed,” he said.

Ball added that a computer tech in the building on Monday checking computer servers noticed the drop in temperature and alerted school district officials.

Thankfully the problem seemed to have occurred recently since only an inch or two of water was on the floor. The water was easily cleaned up and there was no water damage, Ball said.

Ball added there is no alarm or alert to notify school officials if a heating system in the high school building fails. Such an alarm to alert school officials is part of a proposed upgrade to the building that is going before voters in March, Ball said.

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