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Disrespecting the law in Keene

January 10. 2018 11:43PM

To the Editor: I find the arrogance of Will Coley to open a religious facility without a permit from the city of Keene to be extremely unprincipled. To change the purpose of a “residence” to a “public” facility without approval by the planning board is an insult to the city and the people living near the structure.

Doing so, due to misplaced religious fervor, only serves to invite insults and animosity from others. The nasty manner of this situation brings forth a deep example of arrogance to the rules of New Hampshire. After all, given the nature of places under the control of Islam, a structure of another faith would never even be allowed to be built or opened. Thus, Mr. Coley’s plan to foster disrespect to the fine city of Keene definitely serves to highlight aspects of the Masjid al Latiff and Interfaith Community he is planning in a nasty manner. Yes, he may call that place MALIC, but his actions merely serves turning its name to MALICE to the nth degree. Breaking a law leads to an arrest and/or penalty. Thus, breaking the law is not something that any religion should foster. Amen.


New London

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