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Don’t make the drug crisis worse

January 10. 2018 11:43PM

To the Editor: As 2018 makes its debut we continue to look for the answers to the surge of the drug problem in this country. Yes, we are saving more people with narcan at the time of the overdose. But the root causes of the addiction are many.

Throughout our country, and especially Massachusetts and New Hampshire, major challenges are faced in this war. We are seeing opioid drugs prescribed by medical doctors way too much to patients. Illegal drug dealers are increasingly selling deadly fentanyl and carfentanil. Legalizing marijuana would help be a gateway to hard drugs.

Politicians refuse to stop the trafficking and importation though our borders, refuse to build a wall to keep out drugs, or supply enough employees on our border to stop this. By being obstructionists rather than acting to pass laws, Democrats in the Congress as well as liberals in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are a contributing factor in the deaths of those affected.

Our first responders are great in helping, and safe houses help a lot. But they are being overwhelmed by numbers. Throwing even more money is not an answer to this problem.

It will stop when people find these drugs are not readily available from doctors, and when all drug dealers are deported or put in jail for a long time. With a safe and secure border, we will see a difference!



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