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RGA does not earmark donations

January 10. 2018 11:43PM

To the Editor: In the Jan. 7 Sunday News editorial, “Campaign cash: It always finds a way in,” you state that “By giving to the Republican Governors Association and the Democratic Governors Association, rather than directly to candidates, corporations can earmark political contributions toward a particular race, but not have to report their intentions.”

That sentence is factually wrong and an incorrect statement. Any contribution to the Republican Governors Association — whether it be from a corporation or individual — is NOT earmarked for a particular race, and if an entity or corporation offers a contribution to the RGA, with the condition that it is earmarked or only used for a specific race, we do not accept it.

I am respectfully asking you to correct the editorial or issue a correction.


Communications Director

Republican Governors Assocation

Editor’s Note: Our editorial noted that the practice of earmarking donations to a particular race is allowed under federal campaign finance laws. We made no claim as to the RGA’s practices, and appreciate the additional information.

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