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Winter in New Hampshire

January 12. 2018 12:24AM

To the Editor:

The unbridled winter wind,

The stillness after snow

The quiet of the night,

All brings a great delight.

The peaceful nature of the woods,

A season’s worth of labor stored

All living things in boundless rest,

A house, a home, a nest.

All of His creatures great and small,

In a tranquil state of restful bliss

A time to reflect a time to ponder,

Accounting of deeds and thoughts yonder.

A visitor is welcome a friend is better yet,

A knocking on the door, a journey made without fret

The falling of the ice the crackle of the roof,

The stillness of the night, no friend in sight.

A trail in the snow thro and fro,

Twilight trees and all nature reflected

My thoughts of friendship surround,

And now embrace me on this ground.

To find oneself in a state of nature,

Unabridged and blameless splendor

My friends outside the window — still,

Joining nature is my will.




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