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More state government? Will dollars be saved or squandered?

January 13. 2018 11:41PM

Proposals for two new state departments are no doubt well-intentioned, but unless each can show that its creation will mean true cost savings for taxpayers, they should be spiked.

Gov. Chris Sununu and the Republican legislative leadership are behind creating an agency to cut through red tape for entrepreneurs seeking licenses for various occupations (think athletic trainers, cosmeticians, etc.).

We are all for eliminating needless regulations and associated costs. But starting a whole new agency? Let's see a list of jobs and - is it too much to ask? - entire regulatory boards that are going to be shut down. Otherwise, who is to say this new agency doesn't become yet another money-pit?

The second proposal, from state Rep. Al Baldasaro of Londonderry, is no doubt well-meaning. But creating a new "Department of Military and Veterans Services" sounds like a recipe for wasted dollars.

Baldasaro wants "one office dealing with the myriad of issues" that affect veterans. We expect that would be next to impossible.

But it might make sense to consolidate much of these veterans' issues and their questions within an existing agency. The Adjutant General's Office, which oversees the New Hampshire National Guard, seems to us a place to start.

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