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We need truth in politics

January 15. 2018 10:32PM

To the Editor: I recently engaged with my state senator, Andy Sanborn, regarding the voting registration bill, HB 372. I was urging him to vote “no” as I believe we want to encourage voting, and should not impede voters by additional restrictions, particularly restrictions that are considered by some to be unconstitutional.

Sanborn’s response seemed both not believable and bizarre. Let me quote him: “During an election in this state, one can actually get on a plane from Albania, fly to New Hampshire, jump out of an airplane, land in any New Hampshire town, walk into a polling booth without any ID, and vote.” In fact, the senator used this exact example in two separate emails while stating that he was on the election committee in the Legislature, thus implying that he was informed about election issues.

I have now consulted with my town’s personnel on voting procedures and learned, what I had guessed, that the procedure for same-day registration includes the need for both photo ID and proof of residency, as well as information about citizenship.

How can a state senator make up a scenario that has no basis in fact? I am willing to have disagreements but we must speak to each with respect and with honesty about the facts. My senator has so distorted the facts surrounding HB 325 that his credibility is gone, at least for me. Let us all do better in our political discourse!


New Boston

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