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Trump has our back

January 15. 2018 10:31PM

To the Editor: While the Dems and the snarky liberal media gleefully jump on every misstep of Donald Trump, they still don’t get why he won the election. The Democratic Party was the party of working people and social justice. Gradually, the interests of workers were put on the back burner and social justice became the priority.

I voted for Barack Obama twice. But during his presidency, working people didn’t make the cut. His legacy was identity politics. I’m no longer an American anymore; I’m a woman, heterosexual, fill in the blanks. I’m also an ex-Democrat.

I just don’t know how anyone can solve problems while treating an important segment of our population with contempt. My 22-year-old grandson works for a trucking company. During the recent Arctic blast, it was called in to help deliver oil. He was out for hours in near-blizzard conditions filling up families’ oil tanks. So was his police officer father, and his uncle who worked 14-hour days on the weekend fixing ruptured pipes. His two fisherman cousins were out on their boats securing them. Think you were cold? Try being out on the deck of a boat.

The Democratic Party is not interested in these Deplorables and they no longer represent us. How could they when they only talk to each other and important people like movie stars and college professors. Trump is no prince, and I don’t agree with all his positions, but he’s got my family’s back. The Dems don’t even know who we are.



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