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The Force was with me

January 15. 2018 9:47PM

To the Editor: A great big thank you for the efforts of the New Boston Fire Chief, Dan MacDonald, Bedford Deputy Fire Chief Scott Hunter, and members from their various departments, and those from the Epping Fire Department who joined in and provided the greatest last wish this dying Vietnam veteran could ever have made.

My daughter Elizabeth Ngo put out my dying wish on social media. Kelly O’Neil, an operator of O’neil Cinemas in Epping, joined forces with the people listed above as well as members of the Star Wars Fan Club, known as the 501st New England Garrison, a unit of the 501st Legion and Alderaan Base, the Rebel Legion of New England led by Doug Wilder, their executive director.

No amount of thanks can truly be given by me to really cover what these wonderful people have done to bless this dying veteran’s last wish. I truly wish God could bless me with the power to repay each and every one of these people who have so blessed me.

The amount of love that provided the medical care, transportation and assistance during “The Last Jedi” is beyond my descriptional capabilities. I just know that I felt truly blessed as I felt the love pouring out from Kelly O’Neil, the members of the 501st and the members of the various fire departments.

All my friends, family and guests shared in the O’Neil family love as they accepted commendation seating at no charge.

May God bless you all.


Garden Drive


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