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Grant Bosse gets a C-

January 21. 2018 8:47PM

To the Editor: Mr. Bosse did not do his homework on SB 555. The reason primarily for SB 555 is because most citizens do not have money for going to the court and little understand court rules and procedure.

1. It costs approximately $350 for a pro se to get a petition to court. Most citizens do not have the money.

2. The pro se must know how to draw a petition up for a court action and all the then necessary following steps in follow-up action.

3. To hire a lawyer a citizen must have at least $2,000, more likely $5,000, to bring case to court.

4. A commission would hire an ombudsman who will evaluate and assist a citizen in proper filing.

Most importantly, a citizen who is intimidated by court actions would not be prevented from bringing a complaint of a public official who violates law.

Unfortunately, as I recently learned, the New Hampshire Legislature has made many laws leaving it to the citizen to enforce, because there is no criminal act added to a law they made to apply to locally-elected officials.

The worst of Bosse’s column is it appears without full disclosure, and a citizen can’t get accurate info into the news before the hearing in the Legislature.



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