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Stop the secret income tax

January 22. 2018 8:14PM

To the Editor: Under the guise of a state-run family/medical leave insurance program, a small number of New Hampshire politicians are attempting to create (and eventually impose) an income tax. HB 628 has already received preliminary approval by the House, and in now under consideration by the House Commerce Committee.

How could such a bill pass in New Hampshire?

The politicians make no mention of an income tax. The language of the bill softens the blow of a new income tax by referring to it as “family medical leave insurance.” They are well aware how much heat they would take if they openly called for imposing an income tax on the residents of the most libertarian state in the U.S.

The bill allows people to opt out — for now. If you are familiar with government programs, you know how common it is to implement a voluntary system, which promptly becomes not voluntary. Government employees are excluded from the tax.

The tax is only 0.5 percent of income — for now. If you are familiar with the nature of taxes, however, you know that they never seem to stay low.

The authors of this flawed bill tug on the heartstrings of New Hampshire residents, because they know how compassionate we are. The bill mentions babies, the sick, and the elderly, making it extremely difficult to oppose without appearing heartless.


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