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Save the EPA

February 06. 2018 11:30PM

To the Editor: Growing up in Hollis, I recall the many drives on Route 111 across the Nashua River, which was many shades of purple and green, depending on the pollution from upstream paper mills. In summer, the Nashua River and Souhegan River smelled like open sewers, because they were! Rivers in Ohio were catching fire, and acid rain from power plants was killing our lakes. We humans were collectively exploiting Mother Earth with little regard for the consequences.

Fortunately, the general public became very alarmed, both Republican and Democratic representatives responded, and President Nixon, a Republican, in 1970 signed legislation creating the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) along with the Clean Air and Water Acts. Although critics claimed such legislative mandates would cause financial ruin, the EPA has largely been a win for the environment, a win for human health, and a win economically. The various benefits have clearly outweighed the costs.

While some businessmen just want to maximize profits, and hate regulations and being socially responsible, everyone needs to be accountable. Whether it is the apparent carelessness of OK Tool in Milford or the criminal behavior on Gilsom Road in Nashua, greedy and shoddy business practices create the need for regulations.

For 47 years, the EPA has been guided by science. Unfortunately, with Scott Pruitt now in charge, the EPA is being stripped of its power to protect our health, our environment, and our economy.

An environmental impact study of the Trump era has yet to be written. But it won’t be pretty.



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