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In this New Year, let us march into the light

February 08. 2018 10:08PM

To the Editor: President Trump gave an upbeat message of faith, family and patriotism on Tuesday, Jan. 30. He said that, “the people are making America great again.” While speaking words of unity, he showed great restraint in not scolding 48 members of the U.S. Senate.

Just the day before 48 members of the Senate, including Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan and Susan Collins voted against a life-saving bill that would have spared babies in utero of 20 weeks from the brutal procedure of abortion. While the bill received a majority vote of 51-48, it required 60 votes for passage.

The truth is oftentimes inconvenient. Facts are a stubborn thing. These precious lives of 20 weeks (5 months) have beating hearts. They have finger and toe nails. The hair on their heads begins to grow. Their sexuality is defined. They feel pain. Again, they feel pain! Isn’t it due time that you and I begin to truly feel — their — pain?

We will never be truly great as a people until we have the courage and conviction to stand up for our most vulnerable, the pre-born. All of us have the gift of the Holy Spirit within. We are all God’s children.

Let us finally, in this New Year, discard the lies and darkness and march into the light. We are all God’s children. Peace be with you. God bless.



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