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Who needs background checks?

February 12. 2018 6:17PM

To the Editor: Donald Trump campaigned on reducing regulation. He certainly has when it comes to our national security.

Consider Rob Porter. He was the person who decided what classified information the President was given. In January, the FBI told the White House Mr. Porter was not qualified to receive a national security clearance. The White House gave it to him anyway. The President said Mr. Porter claims he is innocent.

Why trust a bureaucracy like the FBI when you could just ask Mr. Porter if he was innocent? Why believe the two judges who issued restraining orders against Mr. Porter? Judges are part of the bureaucracy, too.

Think of all the money we could save without expensive background checks. Just ask the applicant if they are spies or crooks. What could possibly go wrong?

Mr. Porter is not the only person Trump has given a security clearance to who failed a background check. His son-in-law Jared Kushner failed his, but is allowed to see top secret documents. Who knows how many others in this administration are like Misters Porter and Kushner?



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