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Asking questions for Megan Jimenez

February 12. 2018 6:17PM

To the Editor: Why did Merrimack Police fail to solve the murder of 2½-year-old Megan Jimenez in 1989, despite the Bureau of Justice Statistics concluding that police across America for the past 30 years have charged or identified a suspect in 90.3 percent of homicide cases with a victim under the age of 4? (Highest clearance rate included in the study.)

Why does Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin have the audacity to say that he doesn’t know the last time Megan’s case was open?

Why does New Hampshire stand for allowing its most vulnerable and defenseless citizens to be murdered, instead of tenaciously pursuing justice?

Why won’t more citizens find value in figuring out why Megan died as a result of long-term pattern physical abuse?

Why can’t we get more information on what investigators need to solve the murder?

Why am I the only person asking these questions?


Stanstead Place, Nashua

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