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Vote yes on SB 590

February 12. 2018 6:17PM

Vote yes on SB 590

To the Editor: I was raised by a preschool teacher who works tirelessly to ensure all children get a strong start in life. High quality early care and learning puts children on a path to success and prevents unfavorable outcomes later in life. Teachers like my mother can’t help but notice how a child’s family’s resources impact their potential to keep up with their peers, and opportunity gaps create difficulties for students and teachers alike.

In New Hampshire, nearly a third of young children could be considered at-risk of compromised development; this is due to low birth weight, low family resources or other stressors that can interfere with healthy physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

Home visiting has proven to have long-lasting positive impacts on kids, from improved literacy skills to decreased drug abuse in the future. As our state copes with a devastating opioid epidemic, it is clearly in our best interest to invest in drug abuse prevention programs like home visiting.

On Feb. 8, the Senate Health and Human Services committee heard SB 590, a bill that would eliminate barriers that prevent parents on Medicaid from accessing New Hampshire’s home visiting services. Save the Children Action Network was among the many child advocacy groups who testified in support of the bill, because the elimination of restrictions on parents seeking support could benefit hundreds of families and communities across the state.

I urge the Senate Health and Human Services committee to vote yes on SB 590.


Saint Anselm Drive, Manchester

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