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Nanny State ninnies: Banning soda from kids' menus

February 15. 2018 6:46PM

The Nanny State ninnies are at it again, pushing new legislation to extend the creeping hands of government onto every small decision.

The latest creep comes from a quartet of state representatives, including Rep. Timothy Horrigan, D-Durham, who want to ban New Hampshire restaurants from offering soda as part of meals on the children’s menu.

Under House Bill 1668, restaurants could still sell soda to kids. Horrigan merely wants to ban how soda can be listed and sold on the menu.

The New Hampshire Restaurant and Lodging Association is urging lawmakers to oppose this pointless bill. It is a solution in search of a problem. Many fast-food chains have already made milk or juice the default choices for their kids’ meals. Parents can decide when soda is allowed.

“A nanny is a person who cares for, protects, and teaches small children,” Horrigan argues. “So being a nanny is not necessarily entirely a bad thing.”

Horrigan badly misses the point. Watching out for children is fine. That’s why parents exist. They don’t need Horrigan micromanaging restaurant menus for them.

Perhaps Horrigan supports a proposal in President Trump’s budget to replace food assistance benefits with boxes of government-supplied food. If we care about nutrition, should we not ensure that welfare recipients are getting fresh, healthy food?

At least Trump’s proposal, expected to go nowhere in Congress, micromanages how public funds are used.

Horrigan would impose his dietary preferences on everyone. The House Commerce Committee should vote to kill HB 1668 and tell Horrigan and his allies to mind their own menus.

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