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The VW settlement

February 18. 2018 1:29AM

To the Editor: The state of New Hampshire will get about $30 million from the Volkswagen Clean Air Act Civil Settlement. Under the court agreement, New Hampshire can spend up to 15 percent on electric car charging station infrastructure. That would mean the state could spend up to $4.5 million on electric car charging station infrastructure.

The state has to determine how much of the $4.5 million they will spend on electric car charging station infrastructure. They could spend the entire $4.5 million or $0. As an EV (electric vehicle) owner, I would like the state to spend all $4.5 million. New Hampshire has spent no state money on charging station infrastructure.

There is a rumor that New Hampshire wants to spend all the settlement money on replacing old diesel state trucks. The state should have started replacing old diesel trucks in 2010. New Hampshire chose to save money by running these trucks for a much longer time than most states. Maybe that decision was penny wise and pound foolish for the environment.

I strongly urge New Hampshire to spend all $4.5 million on electric car charging station infrastructure. This would allow EV owners in New Hampshire and other states to travel to all parts of the state.



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