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Review of Auburn Town Hall functions finished

Union Leader Correspondent

February 19. 2018 10:56PM

AUBURN — A review of the Town Hall functions finished this month and had about two dozen recommendations to further improve operations.

The report was concluded in February and was meant to evaluate the town hall staff operations. Former Keene city planner John MacLean of Municipal Resources, Inc. in Meredith conducted the assessment.

“The intent of the report is to present the concerns of the management and administrative team, while also incorporating the findings of the MRI professional staff in such a way as to best identify opportunities for improvement,” MacLean wrote in the report.

A similar assessment has also been done of the Auburn Police and Fire departments.

MacLean said overall, the assessment was positive. He said that everyone he spoke to were “engaging, professional and committed to the Town”.

“Indeed, the community is well served,” he wrote.

MacLean looked at the town’s policies and met with all the department heads for the town.

In the report, MacLean offered 21 recommendations, including:

• Having the Town Administrator meet bi-weekly with other administrative staff to keep them in the loop about anything going on with the Board of Selectmen. This would also give them the opportunity to share any concerns they might as well as celebrate any employee milestones a particular department might have.

• Periodically reviewing the town’s “Classification and Compensation System” to make ensure it corresponds with market conditions and make any changes to job descriptions and/or responsibilities needed.

• Changing the Tax Collector/Treasurer to an appointed position rather than elected to ensure the candidate has the proper qualifications and experience for the role.

• Either creating new benchmarks for the road agent, upgrading the role to a Director of Public Works position or creating a new Buildings and Grounds function to look over parks, recreational areas and cemeteries.

• Allowing for online tax bill payments, which would decrease the number of phone calls and walk-in traffic to Town Hall, as well as cut back on the time the Deputy Clerk spends helping the Tax Collector.

Selectmen said they were happy with the findings and that it will serve as a good roadmap of where to go in the future.

A full version of the assessment can be found at

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