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Police prepare to arrest woman in shovel attack

Union Leader Correspondent

February 21. 2018 8:45PM

WEST LEBANON — Police are preparing to issue a warrant for the arrest of a woman who chased a Lebanon man around the Circle K parking lot with a snow shovel Tuesday morning.

Police responded to the Circle K at 89 Main St. in West Lebanon at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday for a report of a woman chasing a man with a snow shovel in the parking lot, Lebanon Deputy Police Chief Phillip Roberts said Wednesday.

“Allegedly, a female attempted to attack him and chased him around with a shovel,” Roberts said.

The victim — Melvin Motts, 46, of Lebanon — was arrested by police on a bench warrant.

The woman left the scene by the time police arrived, but was identified by Motts to police.

“Because Motts is acquainted with her, in the past, he was able to ID her, and she was not located yesterday but a warrant will be sought,” Roberts said. “A warrant will be sought in the next day or so.”

Because physical contact is alleged, charges of simple assault are likely, he said.

A Circle K employee said the woman used the Circle K’s sidewalk snow shovel in the attack.

“She was punching him and she grabbed the shovel and was hitting him with the shovel,” Circle K employee Evan Antonellis said Wednesday. “So he grabbed the shovel from her and she threatened to kill him. … ‘I’m not leaving till I kill you today, you better call cops.’”

When Motts did call police, the woman got in her car and tried to run the man over, Antonellis said.

“She tried to run him over before she left,” Antonellis said. “She sped out of the parking lot at 80 miles an hour, almost hitting, like, four people’s cars.”

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