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Last Week's Rare Bird Alert

February 24. 2018 1:52AM

This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, Feb. 19.

A sandhill crane continues to be seen in Rollinsford, and was last reported from near Main Street on Feb. 17.

A snowy owl was seen near Rye Harbor State Park, and one was seen at Pulpit Rocks in Rye, both on Feb. 17. A snowy owl was reported from Hampton Harbor on the 16th, and one was photographed in Penacook on the 19th.

A rough-legged hawk continues to be seen at Woodmont Orchard in Hollis, and was last reported on Feb. 15. A rough-legged hawk was seen along Pickering Road in Rochester on the 16th.

Six dovekies and seven thick-billed murres were reported from the coast on Feb. 16 and there have been a few more reports since then. A few razorbills and black guillemots were also seen along the coast during the past week.

Two Eurasian wigeons were seen on Great Bay on Feb. 12.

Two Barrow’s goldeneyes continue to be seen at Stark Landing on the Merrimack River in Manchester, and one was last reported on Feb. 18.

A female Harlequin duck continues to be seen in coastal Rye and was last reported on Feb. 19.

A wood duck was seen in Nashua on Feb. 19.

A snow goose was seen at Odiorne Point State Park in Rye on Feb. 14, and four brant were seen in coastal North Hampton on the 17th.

A red-throated loon was seen from Hilton Park in Dover on the 16th.

An Iceland gull was seen in Plaistow and one was seen in Salem, both on Feb. 15.

A dickcissel was seen along Ridgecrest Drive in Exeter on Feb. 14.

An “Ipswich” Savannah sparrow was seen at Hampton Harbor on Feb. 17 and 19. Single fox sparrows were seen in Deerfield, Brookline and Dover, all during the past week.

A few red crossbills were reported from Etna, Lempster, Hancock, Bennington, Sunapee, Hillsborough, Cornish and Cambridge during the past week.

A few white-winged crossbills were reported from Lempster, Sandwich, Bethlehem and Errol during the past week.

A rusty blackbird was seen in Gilsum on Feb. 16.

A hermit thrush was seen in Rye on Feb. 19.

A few turkey vultures were seen in southern counties during the past week.

An American kestrel was reported from Hampton Falls on Feb. 17, and Merlins were reported from Nashua, Keene and Lebanon during the past week. A red-shouldered hawk was seen in Rochester, one was seen in Atkinson, and a Northern harrier was seen at the coast, all during the past week.

A black-backed woodpecker was seen at the Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson on Feb. 17.

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