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Restraining order against New Ipswich Budget Committee member dropped

Union Leader Correspondent

February 26. 2018 9:49PM
New Ipswich Town Clerk Jessica Olson testifies in Jaffrey district court that she was sexually harassed by a town budget committee member. (Meghan Pierce)

Budget Committee member Alan Doyle testifies in Jaffrey district court as part of a restraining order hearing against him, that was dropped Friday. (Meghan Pierce)

NEW IPSWICH — A Keene district court judge has thrown out a temporary restraining order granted to New Ipswich Town Clerk Jessica Olson, who claimed she needed protection from Budget Committee member Alan Doyle.

“After reviewing all of the testimony and evidence presented, the court finds that the plaintiff has failed to meet her burden. The case is dismissed,” Judge Erin B. McIntyre said in her decision.

Olson alleged that Doyle lifted up her blouse twice at the town offices, and that Doyle made comments both times, first allegedly saying that he was “peeking” and the second time that he was “gawking.”

Doyle has insisted he only flicked the back of Olson’s shirt once and said “Woo, woo” on Dec. 5.

McIntyre wrote in her decision that testimony from New Ipswich resident Ronald Stanley, who stated that prior to Dec. 5 Olson would often kiss and hug Doyle in public, made Olson’s testimony less credible.

“In making its decision, the court gave significant weight to the testimony of Ronald Stanley, an acquaintance of both parties, finding his statements to be compelling,” she wrote.

Olson was granted the temporary restraining order by Jaffrey District Court on Feb. 5.

Town officials had told Doyle he had violated the town’s sexual harassment policy in the Dec. 5 incident and told him to make appointments with the town administrator when visiting the town offices.

Doyle did not make appointments, which Olson said led to encounters with Doyle when he would come to the town offices that made her feel nervous and intimated.

Doyle said he was fulfilling his duties as a budget committee member, and had never sexually harassed Olson.

McIntyre said regardless of whether Olson was sexually harassed by Doyle there was no evidence that stalking, as defined by the state law, took place.

“While the plaintiff’s petition and testimony included accusations that the Defendant had twice lifted her shirt, the plaintiff’s attorney argued, in closing statements, that these incidents were not part of the course of conduct supporting the stalking allegation,” the judge wrote.

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