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Bad advice from the bishops

March 07. 2018 12:05AM

To the Editor: Recently, my parish handed out a letter from the Catholic Bishops of America seeking to get us to support the so-called DACA program, an unconstitutional program inaugurated by a lawless executive who for eight years attempted to rule we the people by executive fiat. We are supposed to be a constitutional republic, the law being equally applied to each and every one of us.

It is a pity that there are undocumented illegal immigrants brought to our country by their parents, but they are still illegal and should have gone through the same orderly process that all Americans have gone through. Disregarding laws only leads to more violations of the law and encouraging more illegal immigration.

The lessons of history are lost on the American Catholic bishops. If memory serves me correctly, they collaborated with Obamacare, in the interest of social justice, only to have it backfire, violating their First Amendment God-given rights, and biting them on their collective backsides. They were upset when the Little Sisters of the Poor were required to offer contraception.

Going back 500 years ago, they should have learned from one of their own, an Augustinian Friar, who declared that it is only through grace, faith, and scripture that they were to be governed. As Jesus so rightly stated, “Render those things that belong to Caesar, to Caesar, and those things reserved for God, to God.”

Mind your business, and stay away from politics. Follow the law, and insist others do the same.



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