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Free market schools

March 07. 2018 12:05AM

To the Editor: With all this debate about teachers having guns, getting rid of semi-autos, and how to protect our schools, I have a solution that would end this debate about guns in our schools. It is called the free market.

End public schooling altogether and let the free market decide. In a free market school system, you get to decide what type of school your child will go to and what level of security it would provide. In a free market school system, schools will be forced to adapt to market demands. If you want your child to go to a school where no guns are allowed by anyone, and they want to paint big red targets on the side of the school, that is your choice.

At the same time, other parents can send their children to other schools with varying degrees of protection. The free market has worked out pretty well for every other product. You have three or four choices of yogurt at any grocery store. You have more than 10 choices for cellphones, gyms, car dealerships, hair salons, ad infinitum. Why do you not have a choice for schools?



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