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What we know about the Powerball winner so far (and how we know it)

March 08. 2018 11:42AM

• A long-time New Hampshire resident (original Jan. 23 lawsuit)

• An engaged community member (Jan. 23 lawsuit)

• Wants to give back to a “state that has given so much to her.” (Jan. 23 lawsuit)

• Parents are alive. (Her lawyer, Bill Shaheen, at March 7 press conference.)

• Has additional family. “Her whole family's tremendous.” (Shaheen, March 7)

• Soft spot for children. (Her two first public donations are to charities that benefit underprivileged kids.)

• Three of the four charities are in southern New Hampshire: Nashua-Manchester, Nashua, Derry.

• Not affluent before hitting Powerball. “She was never in a position to give to charities.” (Shaheen, March 7)

• A believer. “She realizes that this is Providence that gave her the money and she's planning to share it.” (Shaheen, March 7)

• Shops at locally owned, community stores such as Reed's Ferry Market. (Site of ticket sale.)

• Old hippie. Names her trust the “Good Karma Family” trust. (Legal filings.)

• Follows instructions without weighing the consequences. (She signed the Powerball ticket.)

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