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Back in the '60s?

March 07. 2018 7:16PM

To the Editor: Mark Hayward’s article in last Saturday’s paper made me feel as though I was in a time capsule. Is this really 2018 or are we back in the ‘60s? Who are the people on Robie’s board of directors? Are they in their right minds? If political posters and photos are truly lining the walls of this establishment, why would anyone have the right or even want to remove the Obama poster? Do the people on this board want to remove freedom of speech from our constitution?

This hard line against anything or anyone remotely liberal or moderate being unacceptable and being called “un-American” is frightening. The political climate in this country needs to have a massive shift. We all need to move toward the center a little bit. The two main parties have done everything they could to polarize Americans and it is obvious that it has worked to some degree. The people on this board should be ashamed of themselves for trying to stifle freedom of speech. Obama is a former President of the United States, just like Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln. The fact that they want his image taken down is in my opinion an utter lack of respect for the office of President.

I would love to see these people come out of hiding and publicly admit who voted to remove it. I think they would be hard pressed to defend their decision and quite possibly admit they might be racists or bigots.




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