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Last Week's Rare Bird Alert

March 09. 2018 9:56PM

This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, March 5.

A red-headed woodpecker was seen at 30 Goddard Road in Rindge on Feb. 28.

A snowy owl was seen near Rye Harbor State Park, and one was seen at Hampton Beach State Park, both on March 4.

A rough-legged hawk was reported from the N.H. Fish and Game Bellamy River Wildlife Management Area in Dover on Feb. 27.

A pair of Northern harriers was seen at the Strafford County Farm Complex in Dover, and a pair of peregrine falcons was seen in Penacook, all on March 4.

At least 10 dovekies, five thick-billed murres, six razorbills and three black guillemots were seen on the coast during the past week.

At least one Glaucous gull and two Iceland gulls were seen in the Hampton Harbor and Hampton Marsh areas on March 4.

An immature male King Eider was reported from the coast at Odiorne Point State Park in Rye on Feb. 28. A female Harlequin duck continues to be seen in coastal Rye and was last reported on Feb. 28.

A red-throated loon continues to be seen from Hilton Park in Dover and was last reported on March 4. A brant was seen off the coast in Seabrook on March 3.

Five Northern pintails, three Northern shovelers, two gadwall and 11 green-winged teal were seen at Bodwell Farm in East Kingston on March 5.

Four Northern pintails were seen at Great Bay on March 3.

At the Rochester Wastewater Treatment Plant, a red-throated loon was seen on March 3, and a Northern shoveler was seen there on Feb. 27.

Fourteen red crossbills and a white-winged crossbill were seen off of Mountain Road in Lempster on March 3. There were several reports of white-winged crossbills from the White Mountains during the past week.

More than 150 horned larks were seen at Moore Fields along Route 155A in Durham on March 4.

A female spruce grouse was seen on Mount Madison on Feb. 28.

A clay-colored sparrow was reported from Dover on Feb. 28.

Fox sparrows were seen in Rochester, Brookline and Dover during the past week.

An Eastern towhee continues to be seen at a private residence in Wilton and was last reported on March 2.

A house wren was reported from Airport Marsh in Whitefield on Feb. 26, and a hermit thrush was reported from Rochester on Feb. 28.

A gray catbird and a rusty blackbird were reported from Keene, and a ruby-crowned kinglet was seen in Hinsdale, all during the last week.

Two yellow-rumped warblers were seen in Portsmouth on March 4.

An estimated 20,000 common grackles were seen at Great Bay on March 4.

During the past week there have been multiple reports of Turkey vulture, fish crow, killdeer, American woodcock, red-winged blackbird, and common grackle.

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