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Manchester traffic: 'Conditions' on Maple and Beech

March 10. 2018 5:43PM

A one-day "traffic study" having determined that a Manchester speedway intersection doesn't merit a traffic light, we hope Ward 2 Alderman Will Stewart will pursue all other means of slowing down the mean streets of Maple and Beech.

Apparently the crashes into the MS Market at Sagamore and Maple don't meet any of the conditions the city public works department requires to justify a stop light. The store's front has been crashed into four times in 10 years. We wonder what the magic number would be, six?

The city report does suggest that a "speed study" might be a good idea, with "targeted enforcement" to follow, if necessary.

We suspect any valid study would find the speed limit is routinely and often outrageously violated on both Maple and Beech. But targeted enforcement isn't a viable solution unless it is persistent and perpetual. That is a costly proposition.

Which is why placing a few stop lights along these two one-way race courses seems like a better solution, "conditions" to the contrary notwithstanding. Either that, or the mayor and aldermen should look seriously at returning the two streets to two-way traffic as they once were.

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