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Barrington: No on 5

March 10. 2018 5:43PM

To the Editor: When Barrington voters head to the polls on March 13, I would like to make them aware of a potentially large, negative impact on the rural quality of our town if Article 5 passes.

Article 5 changes the definition of "street" to include "rights of ways" and "paper streets." A "paper street" appears on a map, even if it is not approved by the town as a road. If passed, Article 5 will allow a "street" to include simple "rights of ways," on or through landlocked parcels of land that are currently off limits to builders. In fact, two of the six planning board members voted against approval of this article.

Should Article 5 be passed, landlocked parcels of land can and will become new neighborhoods at a much higher rate than we are currently experiencing. Many of the landlocked pieces of land in town are also in close proximity to waterways, and if built upon, water quality could be at risk.

More houses also equal more children in the schools. Our middle school, built in 2004, is already close to capacity. If large numbers of homes are built in town, additions paid for by our taxes will need to be built to accommodate the enlarged student population.

Beware of the unintended consequences of a simple definition change. Please vote no on Article 5.



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