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SB 2 for Rollinsford

March 11. 2018 8:50PM

To the Editor: When did secret ballots become a radical idea? We do it for all state and federal offices, as well as town officials. Yet our radical socialists in Rollinsford act as though this is a call for dictatorship.

Last year I spoke out against the $58,000 “slush fund” the selectmen wanted. Shortly thereafter, I go to register my vehicles. The town clerk gives me grief about why I need so many trailers and how the process would be faster “if you hadn’t spoken out against our raise.” I had to remind her of my word to the board: if the $8,000 for raises were in the budget and listed as such, I would probably have supported it, but hiding a slush fund, never.

Weeks later, I go to register my dogs. I’m told by the tax collector: We don’t do that here. We make no money at this. You have to do it by mail. A short call to the state Department of Agriculture, and a call from my attorney, presto! Now they register my dogs.

I follow this with a formal complaint to the selectmen. Shortly thereafter the town says our current use property on Turgeon Lane would be taken out of current use. After a quick call to the state Department of Revenue Administration and a letter from my attorney, they drop the issue.

Ever wonder why folks refuse to attend the town meeting? Freedom isn’t free in Rottensford! Vote for SB 2!



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