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Hooksett: Yes on 13

March 11. 2018 8:50PM

To the Editor: Concerns have been raised regarding warrant article 13, which creates the position of full-time recreation director in the town of Hooksett. We have lived in Hooksett for almost 21 years where we raised our two children. It is a lovely town, but lacks a robust, town-wide recreation program to serve the entire population.

Opponents of this position argue the cost would balloon to triple the current warrant article. As addressed at the town meeting, many of the added costs that are typically listed, such as computer and office space, already exist and are available for use.

In addition, a goal of this position would be to monetize existing resources to generate revenues for the town.

Some suggest individuals should volunteer for one of the town’s many activities. This new position is not to replace current volunteers, but to coordinate existing organizations and bring new opportunities for recreation not currently addressed by any volunteer organization in town.

A full-time recreation director would oversee the Fun in the Sun day camp, many of the tasks for which are currently being done by town employees outside their job description. This position would not take over Old Home Day or HYAA’s sports programs.

In fact, efforts should result in new and exciting opportunities for residents of all ages and backgrounds in our community while reducing the burden on current town staff.

We ask our fellow Hooksett residents to join us at the polls this Tuesday, March 13 to vote yes on 13.



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