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Attacks on the First Amendment

March 12. 2018 6:29PM

To the Editor: Many of the Republicans who are up in arms over attacks on the Second Amendment have been silent or complicit in attacks on the First. Enough Republicans have swung to the left to keep in place a buffer zone around abortion facilities that blocks peaceful prayer and protest, for the House to pass a therapy ban that bans talk therapy, and for the House to vote in favor of a transgender rights bill.

It’s no shock that the state with the second lowest church attendance rates would pass laws that silence and coerce people of faith to act against their consciences and force Christian institutions to pretend men are women. It’s no surprise that the state with the lowest birth rate should disregard protections for those speaking up against the dismemberment of children, or that it would promote a movement that subjects children to hormone blockers and surgeries with the promise they will transition to the opposite sex.

But as a state with one of the oldest populations, have we become so addled we can’t understand that to protect the integrity of the Constitution we have to protect all our rights — not just the ones we like? Are we so senile that even our conservatives have forgotten the Second Amendment exists to protect the First?

All we can do is pray our governor and lawmakers have a moment of lucidity.


East Hobart Street


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