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Stop blaming the officer

March 12. 2018 6:29PM

To the Editor: I feel that it is unfair to throw that officer under the bus for not responding the way we think we would have responded. He did what he was trained to do.

However, the powers that be need to blame someone for their lack of action. You will never know how you will react to any given situation at any given time. So don’t tell me “I would have gone in and stopped this before all those people got killed.“ You have no idea how or what you would have done. None of us do.

Stop blaming someone for something he had no control over just to make yourself feel better. You have put this man’s life in danger by calling him a coward. I pray you are never put in this situation, and if you are you better make sure no one dies on your watch. You’ll be looked at as a zero instead of a hero.


Main Dunstable Road


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