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Keeping RGGI

March 17. 2018 11:57PM

To the Editor: Your editorial sounding the alarm about "RGGI reversal" referring to HB 559, was badly mistaken. Allowing that energy efficiency is a great idea, the editorial rails against "state bureaucrats handing out grants," ignoring the fact that to get something done, resources must be allocated.

The editorial lauds the 2012 rebate decision and misses the fact that had those funds instead been plowed, as intended, into energy efficiency from 2012, the accumulated result could by now be returning its full cost back to the economy. The editorial harps on grants in 2012 to Dartmouth College and Stonyfield Yogurt, which together amounted to less than 3 percent of that year's use of RGGI money, but missed the point that this was in a startup year for the program, and it needed to find competent organizations that could put the money to good, emissions-reducing use.

Finally, since transmission costs are allocated to states within our regional grid based on power consumption, our electric rates are sure to rise as other New England states' rates fall because they have been driving their consumption down through energy efficiency while we cripple our program. We need to get to work.



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