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Latest nor'easter expected to pack little punch in NH

New Hampshire Union Leader

March 20. 2018 11:07PM

A fast-moving, nor’easter forecast for tonight and early Thursday will pack much less punch than the last three March storms for New Hampshire and whatever snow falls should melt in a day, according to weather forecasters.

This storm’s path in recent days tracked further south and east than earlier thought, which means New Hampshire should get 2-4 inches of wet snow that starts after nightfall.

“There might be some light rain and snow to start around 7 p.m. but then that precipitation should change to all snow,” said Eric Schwibs, meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

“So we’re looking at here about one to three inches Wednesday night and on up to another inch Thursday morning.”

Boston and communities to its south and west could get up to 8 inches of snow from this system, Schwibs said.

“By the time it reaches here, this system should be quicker and weaker than what we’ve seen of late,” Schwibs said. “Winds here should only be 10 to 15 miles per hour Wednesday night.”

The forecast for Thursday and Friday is sunny with highs in the low 40s.

“Whatever is left on the ground should be gone by the next day,” Schwibs added.


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