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Plaistow's police department issues arrest warrant for Mother Nature for kidnapping spring

Union Leader Correspondent

April 11. 2018 11:13PM

Plaistow police issued this arrest warrant for Mother Nature.

PLAISTOW — Plaistow Police Chief Kathleen Jones is so tired of the cold weather that she issued an arrest warrant for Mother Nature.

The charge? Kidnapping spring.

The weather-related warrant isn’t enforceable, of course, but it gave her and many others who are fed up a little chuckle as they await warmer temperatures.

“Like everyone, we are sick of the cold, too. The officers are usually in short sleeve uniform shirts by now and enjoy the changeover. Most shifts are still wearing long sleeves due to the continued cold weather,” Jones said.

Temperatures so far this spring have been averaging about 6 degrees below normal, according to James Brown, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine.

The thermometer usually climbs into the middle 50s by this time of year, but highs lately have been in the lower to middle 40s.

A coating of snow in some areas on Tuesday and snow last weekend was yet another reminder that winter is stubbornly retaining its grip.

Jones said she decided to issue the arrest warrant after a resident posted a comment on Facebook asking the police department to arrest Mother Nature.

“After I saw the post, I thought about how sick I was also with the weather. I wanted to take the resident’s post one step further and thought issuing the warrant would be a fun way to accomplish that and commiserate with the community,” Jones said.

While 6 degrees below normal is “really significant,” Brown said that it’s still early.

“We could get a big warm up and negate all of that,” he said.

High temperatures are expected to climb into the 50s to near 60 today, Friday and Saturday before dropping back into the low 40s by Sunday.

“We’re going to get a brief warm up and then things cool back down again,” Brown said.

Spring lovers looking for heat won’t be happy with next week’s forecast. Brown said it’s not looking “excessively warm.”

“Ultimately, it has to change. It can’t last forever,” Brown said of the cool pattern.

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