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Opposing Pompeo: Shaheen's skewed priorities

April 18. 2018 6:04PM

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen may withhold her consent for any presidential nomination for any reason.

But the reasons she is giving for opposing the nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo to be secretary of state are foolish.

Shaheen, for all of our differences, has been one of the grown-ups in Washington on foreign policy. Yet she will not support Pompeo, a distinguished and qualified foreign policy heavyweight, because he is a conservative.

Shaheen says she is concerned about Pompeo’s views on “the LGBTQ community, American Muslims and women’s reproductive rights.” She should be concerned about Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

The United States is facing several complicated foreign policy challenges, and this President needs mature, independent, and qualified foreign policy advisers around him more than most.

Shaheen is putting domestic partisanship and left-wing identity politics ahead of national security. That is a lousy set of priorities.

In Congress, Pompeo voted as the conservative Republican he is. As CIA director, he has been a professional, demonstrating his competence and qualification to be secretary of state.

Does Shaheen believe that Republican Presidents should be nominating liberals to key foreign policy positions?

Pompeo deserves Senate confirmation. Shaheen should refocus her priorities.

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