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Three who gave to NH: Lamprey, Marshall, Mitchell ... R.I.P.

April 21. 2018 3:51PM

Shown from left to right, Stewart Lamprey of Meredith, Ken Marshall of Concord and Cheryl Mitchell of Manchester, each in their own way, added value to the Granite State. 

New Hampshire is a small state, with a relatively small population. So how is it that we are blessed with so many people who put service to others so high on their priority lists?

The state lost three such individuals in the last fortnight. Stewart Lamprey of Meredith, Ken Marshall of Concord, and Cheryl Mitchell of Manchester, each in their own way, added value to the Granite State.

It's hard to measure who was better known. Lamprey was a successful Realtor, but he also served as a citizen legislator and in the administration of Gov. Walter Peterson.

Lamprey had the singular distinction of being elected to consecutive terms as speaker of the New Hampshire House and president of the state Senate. This came after serving his country in the U.S. Army in World War II.

Ken Marshall was a quiet, passionate advocate for New Hampshire agriculture - no small task in a state that regularly brings in bushel harvests of rocks from our thin topsoil. Ken was born in a farmhouse and was a farmer himself as well as the administrator of the New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation, a tough job he carried out with dexterity and a good attitude.

In retirement, he served two terms in the New Hampshire House, on the Environment and Agriculture Committee, of course.

Cheryl Mitchell, like so many in Manchester, was shocked by the murder of young police officer Michael Briggs. She got over the shock and got down to the business of helping to improve her neighborhood. Hers was one of the first Neighborhood Watch efforts. She was involved in the Weed and Seed neighborhood improvement effort as well.

As the city's deputy director of health, Anna Thomas, remembered last week, Cheryl said, "That's it; I'm not going to let people take over my neighborhood."

These three people enriched their New Hampshire "neighborhoods" in many ways.

New Hampshire is thankful.

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