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No public money to religious schools

April 25. 2018 7:02PM

To the Editor: Read this remarkable statement from an April 13 editorial: “But excluding religious institutions from participating in programs open to secular schools would violate the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.”

In other words, taking my tax dollars and shoveling them into religious schools through a system of vouchers wouldn’t in any manner offend the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. And that’s what apparently the U.S. Supreme Court decided 5-4.

Well, it’s still my money going into the coffers of a religious institution; it’s still an attack on my freedom of conscience by being forced to fund religious education; it’s still money that could go into our public schools where it’s needed; and it’s still the state of New Hampshire that has a final say in the matter.

When your editorial writer ends with the statement that vouchers “will help keep some of our brightest students in the state,” you have to wonder what magical powers exist in vouchers to bring off that great miracle. Vouchers may increase the freedom of a few students, but at the expense of us all. This bit of mischievous legislation should be voted down.



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