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Right the first time: A second chance for school choice

April 26. 2018 8:20PM

When the New Hampshire House passed Senate Bill 193 back in January, Reps. Neal Kurk, R-Weare, Robert Theberge, R-Berlin, and Frank Byron, R-Litchfield, voted for it.

SB 193 would let New Hampshire parents use the state’s adequate education aid set aside for their children on educational options other than their local public schools.

It has been vigorously opposed by teachers’ unions and the Democratic Party. But we repeat ourselves.

During the House Finance Committee’s review of SB 193, Kurk attempted to rewrite the entire bill. Eventually, he flip-flopped, and he, Theberge, and Byron sided with committee Democrats to try to send the bill to oblivion.

The full House has a chance next week to override Kurk’s recommendation, and send SB 193 to Gov. Chris Sununu’s desk.

Only a small fraction of New Hampshire parents will choose to take advantage of the school choice program, so it will have only a marginal impact on state and local school district finances.

But even a small amount of choice will turn parents from clients into customers. SB 193 would bring competition and accountability into a moribund public school monopoly.

The New Hampshire House got it right the first time, when it approved SB 193 by a vote of 184-162. Nothing has happened in the past three months to change that.

We hope our representatives seize their opportunity to shake up the status quo by passing SB 193.


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