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Say no to corporate welfare

April 26. 2018 8:06PM

To the Editor: Hold on to your wallets! The Democrat and Republican leaders in Concord are joining forces to give away your hard-earned money as corporate welfare. Sens. Woodburn and Bradley are trying to convince us that by overpaying for biomass electricity we will save money somehow.

This is, of course, after they and their colleagues forced the sale of the reliable and cheaper power plant in Bow (500 megawatts). They should focus their attention on keeping Seabrook running (1,000 megawatts). I’m not falling for it because 1,500 megawatts of cheaper power blows away those overpriced and underpowered 20 megawatt boondoggles.

Meanwhile two state representatives are touting the benefits of giving tax breaks to rich people who invest in their latest favorite technology, tissue regeneration. They say if ARMI is successful, we will turn New Hampshire into Silicon Valley or Los Angeles. Please explain to me why I want to ruin our small state with its nation-leading low unemployment by boosting our population with more big-spending liberals like those in L.A. and San Fran. Let me repeat. I don’t want to turn New Hampshire into California. I especially don’t want to spend my own money on corporate welfare to do it.

Our state economy is strong. The unemployment rate is at record lows. These “investments” aren’t needed. None of this benefits me. It doesn’t benefit you, assuming you are part of the 99.7 percent of the state population not receiving these handouts. Bad ideas. Vote no.


Orchard Avenue


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