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Increasing maternal mortality

May 14. 2018 8:10PM

To the Editor: “Theirs not to reason why,

Theirs is to do or die.”

Why? Why must they die?

What they are doing is what all pregnant women want to do, give birth.

But since 1985, there has been an increase in maternal mortality, so now the United States ranks behind the Sudan in mothers who die giving birth. Professional societies are quick to offer reasons, but these are all lame excuses, for what learned physicians have discovered, and the clue was given in a National Geographic article published in April 2016, on how we are born.

Basically there are two ways to be born; from below or from above. So now how trivialized is Caesarian section or how popular the procedure, every operation has a built-in mortality. This is rarely discussed or published.

What influences a couple facing birth of their child? What is the C-section rate of the doctor chosen? What is the C-section rate of the hospital? Is it once a C-section, always a C-section. Do midwives perform better than obstetricians?

What is needed is a consumer report so that families have a choice. Reimbursement fees, hospital stays, and complications need to be addressed. Can you focus your spotlight on this issue so that women will know?



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