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American sins in Iran

May 14. 2018 8:09PM

To the Editor: If we want better relations with Iran, the first thing we should do is apologize for what the CIA did to it in 1953. Hardly anyone knows about it in America, but it is etched deeply in the memories of most Iranians.

By an overwhelming vote in 1951, the Iranian Parliament nominated Mohammad Mosaddegh to be prime minister, and the Shah appointed him. He believed in democracy and led his country in many reforms, most notably the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, which Britain had controlled since 1913. Britain cried to its American big brother, the CIA took action, there was a coup, Mosaddegh was overthrown and imprisoned, and the Shah was given greater powers.

With those powers, American weapons, and secret police trained by Americans, the Shah terrorized his people until he was overthrown in 1979 in the revolution that brought the Ayatollah to power.

Is it surprising that Iran distrusts and fears the U.S. government? Now, President Trump has reneged on a U.S. promise to suspend economic sanctions in return for Iran’s halting its nuclear plans. What a stupid act!

If Iran now proceeds to develop nuclear weapons, who can blame it? We can only hope that Britain, France, Germany, and the other signatories to the agreement will turn their backs on Trump and try to keep it in force.



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