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Vote for a Just Society

May 15. 2018 8:55PM

To the Editor: As the next primary and election season starts here in New Hampshire, I believe that most if not all of the citizens of Bedford and our state believe that we should have a “Just Society” for all our citizens. By a Just Society, I mean that all people deserve the following:

That working families should not live in poverty.

That public education should be available to all children to at least the community college level without requiring families to take on large financial debts.

That all people should have access and be able to obtain needed healthcare without financial barriers.

That no child in our state should go to bed hungry or live with food or housing insecurity.

That every person feels safe in their community.

Each of us has an opinion as to how we can achieve such a Just Society. I know I do, but I also know that there may be many ways to reach these goals. What I do believe is that we need to articulate these goals and ask each and every candidate how they define a Just Society and how they think these goals can be achieved.

I hope that as the campaigns progress all the citizens of Bedford and our state will have a chance to ask their candidates, whether local, state or national, these important questions and obtain meaningful answers. Not the usual political sound bites, but thoughtful answers about how they propose to reach the goals that reflect such a Just Society.



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