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Get on board the Trump train

May 16. 2018 9:59PM

To the Editor: Come on folks! Get on board with this guy. This is Donald Trump, our President, a businessman.

He came along at the right time to save our country and our self respect. And perhaps Hillary Clinton, who hasn’t realized she has lost yet. Sure he is a little risque on foreign policy but he may get the job done with a Nobel Prize. We often wonder why the Democrats are against an agreement with Iran, and when Trump finds it to be a really bad deal for our country, they are suddenly for it. Why?

Presidents Clinton and Obama, in their 16 years of super-socialism, managed to open our borders and run up a $20 trillion debt. Do we have any idea how much money that is? I’ve heard it may take as much as 600 years to pay off that kind of debt.

Democrats in Congress should be of some use. Don’t just sit there collecting checks and voting “No!”

I think what President Trump does with his opposition and the media is remarkable. Imagine, working 24 hours a day and not getting paid for it?

He has proved to be a hard man in the trenches called Washington. Aren’t you glad he’s on your side?



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